Wedding Horseshoe Mementoes

Something old, something new...

  • For that extra special touch, wedding Horseshoe Mementoes are threaded with silver ribbon and engraved with the wedding date, the bride and groom's names or a sentimental message.

    IMPORTANT: Please type in the 'Note to Horseshoe Mementoes' space in the shopping cart, the date, names or short message that you would like engraved. 

    Make sure you read the 'Restoration' tab above before purchasing. Just so we’re all on the same page.

  • Your horseshoe will be engraved with your choice of the wedding date, the bride and groom's names or a sentimental message. If space doesn’t allow on the horseshoe, we will custom make and fit an engraved nameplate to the toe of the horseshoe.

    IMPORTANT: Please type the text that you would like engraved into your shoe in the 'Note to Horseshoe Mementoes' space in the shopping cart.

  • The conditions that horseshoes are intended to protect the horse’s hooves from for example; racetracks, arena surfaces, stones, asphalt as well as clay and sand just to name a few, coupled with the weight of the horse bearing down on the shoe and the length of time the shoe is exposed to these conditions all work against the ability to produce a beautiful Horseshoe Memento.

    In order for a precious metal to ‘take’ to a horseshoe during the plating process, electricity must be able to freely flow around and through the horseshoe. Any foreign matter in the horseshoe such as clay or a stone will prevent the flow of electricity and will result in that particular area of the horseshoe not receiving coverage.

    All Horseshoe Mementoes undergo extensive cleaning, blasting and polishing processes to remove as much foreign matter as possible. That said, it is impossible to remove every piece of matter that has been absorbed.

    No Horseshoe Memento is 100% perfect, but we do try our very best to get them looking as best they can! Any imperfections in a Horseshoe Memento will be as unique as the horseshoe itself.

  • Please allow 4 weeks for completion (from the time we receive your horseshoe). Horseshoe Mementoes are presented in a case for protection and safe keeping.
  • Horseshoe Mementoes should be displayed indoors in a damp free environment. To shine, the only product we recommend using is 'Silvo' silver polish. Only use a small amount and buff very gently.