Framed Horseshoe with Photo

Keep Meaningful Moments Alive.

  • Take the time to pause and reflect on special moments shared with your horse. We’ll display your beautifully restored and plated horseshoe with your favourite 8x10" photo in a quality frame with personalised nameplate. 

    Frame size: 14 x 21" (53 x 35cm)

    IMPORTANT: Please enter up to 3 lines of text for your nameplate in the shopping cart notes at checkout.

    Make sure you read the 'Restoration' tab above before purchasing. Just so we’re all on the same page.

  • The conditions that horseshoes are intended to protect the horse’s hooves from for example; racetracks, arena surfaces, stones, asphalt as well as clay and sand just to name a few, coupled with the weight of the horse bearing down on the shoe and the length of time the shoe is exposed to these conditions all work against the ability to produce a beautiful Horseshoe Memento.

    In order for a precious metal to ‘take’ to a horseshoe during the plating process, electricity must be able to freely flow around and through the horseshoe. Any foreign matter in the horseshoe such as clay or a stone will prevent the flow of electricity and will result in that particular area of the horseshoe not receiving coverage.

    All Horseshoe Mementoes undergo extensive cleaning, blasting and polishing processes to remove as much foreign matter as possible. That said, it is impossible to remove every piece of matter that has been absorbed.

    No Horseshoe Memento is 100% perfect, but we do try our very best to get them looking as best they can! Any imperfections in a Horseshoe Memento will be as unique as the horseshoe itself

  • Digital images should be at least 3MB. We may be able to print images less than 3MB if they are highly compressed. If you’re unsure of your image size, you’re welcome to send your image to us at and we can let you know.

    • We pride ourselves in producing high quality, long lasting artworks which is why our frames are made by a New Zealand framing professional.
    • Our frames are made from solid wood to ensure the safety and quality of the finished artwork. Horseshoes are heavy therefore frame quality and strength is imperative.
    • Our frames are fully encased smooth surface from the side.
    • We use high quality acid free mat boards.
    • Our frames are sealed using professional framing tape. This protects the photographs and horseshoes so that no dust or bugs can enter the frame.
    • Photographs are printed on 100% cotton fine art paper which has 100+ years archival certification.
    • Framed Horseshoe Mementoes are for displaying indoors in a damp free environment.
  • Please allow 4 weeks for completion (from the time we receive your horseshoe and photo). Framed Horseshoe Mementoes should be displayed indoors in a damp free environment, out of direct sunlight.

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