The Horseshoe Memento Process

The process is very simple.  Once you have checked out our products and chosen one that you like.  Simply purchase it online, then send us your horseshoe. 

We can work with both steel and aluminium horseshoes and restore old rusty shoes back to shine.  Please be aware that if you are sending shoes with stud holes, the shoe itself will plate beautifully but the stud hole thread may not have 100% coverage.  This can sometimes be the case with small areas of shoes with heels too.

Tagging your horseshoe(s).

Tagged horseshoe

Once your order has been placed, tie a tag to your horseshoe and write your name, return postage details, phone number(s), email address, plating request and what you would like engraved on it.  Then post or courier it to us, our address details will be sent to you in your order confirmation email.

If you are sending a horseshoe from within NZ, we recommend using a $5 NZPost prepaid bubblebag.

Sending a horseshoe from outside New Zealand

We recommend that you give your horseshoe a thorough scrub to remove any dirt/stones/grass/seed. Particularly in the nail holes which is where dirt can get trapped.  New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries will inspect the horseshoe upon arrival into the country.  Any horseshoes that have not been thoroughly scrubbed will be sent away for fumigation which incurs a NZ$60 fee and causes a time delay.  The sender of the horseshoe will be notified and requested to pay the fee in advance of the treatment taking place.

Please ensure that you make a clear customs declaration on the package, write that it contains a ‘used horseshoe that has been scrubbed and cleaned’.

Horseshoe Mementoes will let you know as soon as your horseshoe has been received.  You will also be notified once the work has been completed and the horseshoe has been dispatched back to you – along with a courier tracking code so that you can trace the parcel.

Please be aware that if you have ordered from outside New Zealand, your item may be held at customs for inspection, delaying the delivery time, and you may be charged a customs fee or import tax or similar. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about customs clearance - customs laws make the importer (the buyer - you!) responsible for these fees.  

How long does it take to receive the finished work?

The completion of a piece of work is an involved process, which usually takes up to 4 weeks plus shipping time. 

Any Questions?

Have a look at our FAQs page, or feel free to email or call with any questions you might have.  We would be happy to hear from you or help out with deciding which product to purchase.