Sending Your Horseshoe

Once your order has been confirmed, the next step is to send your horseshoe(s) to us.  It's recommended that you tie a tag to your horseshoe and write your name, return postage details, horse's name and when you're ready send to:

Attention: Kate Bolton
Horseshoe Mementoes
204 Forestry Road
RD7 Rangiora 7477
New Zealand
+64 27 937 5813

The time frame for completing a Horseshoe Memento is 4 weeks from receiving your horseshoe(s).

Photos should be emailed to

Horsehair from your horse's tail should be in a tied section as thick as your thumb and around 30cm in length.



Here's what you'll need to do...


CLEAN: The first thing you'll need to do is clean your horseshoe(s). The simplest method is to ask a blacksmith to re-heat the horseshoe(s) for you.

If you clean them yourself, make sure you give it a thorough scrub to remove any dirt/stones/grass/seed. Particularly in the nail holes which is where dirt can get trapped. Horseshoe nails are great to use for pushing the dirt out of nail holes.


TAG: Once cleaned, tag your horseshoe(s) with your name and address plus your horses name written on it. And when you are ready, send to the address above.


DECLARE: Write on your customs declaration 'used and scrubbed clean horseshoe'. If a blacksmith re-heated the horseshoe(s), please write 'used and heat treated horseshoe'.


HORSE HAIR: Your horse's tail hair should be tied in a section as thick as your thumb and around 30cm in length. Before sending, boil the hair for 15mins in water (you can add disinfectant or shampoo to clean it if required). This will heat treat the hair killing any bugs or germs.


DECLARE: Add to your customs declaration 'heat treated horsehair'.



On occasion (not always), horseshoes are held up by NZ Customs for further inspection. They can be held up for up to 3 weeks.

If after further inspection NZ Customs decide the horseshoe(s) or horsehair need fumigating, this takes a further 10 working days. I know that's far from ideal, that's why I'll do my very best to fast track your order through once your horseshoe(s) arrive - and get it back to you quick smart!!

The best way to avoid any hold-ups with NZ Customs is to send your parcel via tracked courier, rather than standard post (they fast-track courier packages). PLUS, thoroughly clean your horseshoe(s).

When I send your Horseshoe Memento back to you it may be held at customs in your country for inspection, and you may be charged a customs fee or import tax or similar. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about customs clearance - customs laws make the importer (the buyer - you) responsible for these fees.


I will notify you as soon as your horseshoe has been received.  You will also be notified once the work on your horseshoe has been completed and your Horseshoe Memento has been dispatched back to you – along with a courier tracking code so that you can trace the parcel.