The beginnings...







I'm Kate, and I restore worn horseshoes (with sentimental value) into beautiful keepsakes for horse riders and owners.

Horseshoe Mementoes was founded in my heartbreak as a way of dealing with the loss of my special horse Bindy (that's her above with my husband and I on our wedding day). Saying goodbye to her after our 17 year partnership was like losing one of my closest friends.  She was one of the family and had shared in many special life occasions including one of the first dates with my husband, our engagement and wedding day. 

I wanted to create a personal, lasting memory of her and had kept her last set of shoes. These horseshoes carried the worn toes and steel nicks from our final rides together.  They were my tangible memory of those precious hours spent together, and were shaped by us.  I decided to transform one of Bindy's shoes into something really special that I could treasure forever and display in my home. This was the beginnings of Horseshoe Mementoes.

It is a true honour whenever I create a Horseshoe Memento for someone else because I understand the significance each horseshoe carries.

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