Ep9 Transcript: First Pony Memories told by Children

Kate Bolton 0:02
Thanks for joining me for another episode of The Horseshoe Storyteller podcast. It's the school holidays, so I thought it would be fun to sit down and have a chat with some children about their first ponies...the closest children I had to hand were my eight year old son Ollie, my six year old daughter Keziah or Kezzie, as we call her and their eight year old cousin Emelia. You know what they say about working with animals and children...actually chatting to them was so much fun, and we had a lot of laughs

Kate Bolton 0:36
Welcome to the Horseshoe Storyteller Podcast, where I believe every horseshoe holds a story. I'm Kate Bolton, horse rider, creative and accidental storyteller. You see storytelling isn't something I set out to do. But over the last few years since starting my business Horseshoe Mementoes, I've had the privilege of clients sharing with me the inspiring, deeply moving and entertaining stories behind the horseshoes I have transformed into personalized lasting memories. Incredible tales of partnership, beating the odds, loss and success. Stories that speak of the love we share for our noble friends. Stories that are too good to keep to myself. And so I've become the horseshoe storyteller to share them with you. If you love a good horse story, you're in the right place. Let's get started.

Kate Bolton 1:26
When did you get Rosie?

Ollie 1:28
For a Christmas present.

Kate Bolton 1:30
Can you remember getting that Christmas present?

Ollie 1:33

Kate Bolton 1:33
How did that work?

Ollie 1:36
So you had to get clues, (both of us) like, go that way, go outside, and go inside

Kate Bolton 1:43
And when you went to those places was there another clue there?

Ollie 1:46
Yeah. Or or there was like a helmet and there was a clue inside of the helmet.

Kate Bolton 1:51
When you were getting those clues, did you know what the end result was going to be?

Ollie 1:56
Yes because there was helmets and I knew what type helmets they were.

Kate Bolton 2:00
So did you think there's gonna be, at the end of this there's going to be a pony?

Ollie 2:05
No, I thought it was going to be a horse, not a pony.

Kate Bolton 2:10
Okay, when you got to the end of the clues. What did you see when you ran outside Kezzie?

Kezzie 2:15
A horse.

Kate Bolton 2:16
Where was she?

Kezzie 2:18

Kate Bolton 2:19
Rosie was a she.

Ollie 2:20
She was tied up to the big tree we had on our little block.

Kate Bolton 2:24
We actually didn't even have a block did we? We lived in a residential street. After Rosie had been at our place for Christmas morning, then where did we take her?

Ollie 2:30
To the Spall's house.

Kate Bolton 2:35
Which is where who lives?

Ollie 2:37

Kate Bolton 2:38
Cousin Emelia. Not only was she your surprise Christmas present...

Ollie 2:42
But she was Emelia's surprise Christmas present too.

Kate Bolton 2:45
So for Christmas that year, you both got little Rosie to share. And she lived at Emelia's house. Emelia, can you tell us about your first pony?

Emelia 2:57
Um, well, my first pony was Rosie. And the first time that I did ride her. She bucked me off.

Kate Bolton 3:05
Why did she buck you off?

Emelia 3:07
Um, she had ribbons in her mane and a ribbon got tangled around her ankle and she bucked me off.

Kate Bolton 3:20
And can you remember what day it was? It was a special day that you got her

Emelia 3:25
I got her on Christmas.

Kate Bolton 3:28
Did you know that you were getting her?

Emelia 3:29

Kate Bolton 3:31
So what did you think when the horse float...I don't even know if you saw the horse float turning up

Emelia 3:36
No. We were opening my presents.

Kate Bolton 3:39
You came outside and you saw Rosie all dressed up and Christmassy looking.

Emelia 3:46
Well, my Uncle he was covering with like a mask, so I couldn't see.

Kate Bolton 3:53
Oh, you were blindfolded.

Emelia 3:55
Yeah. Coz my brother's got a basketball hoop for Christmas and my Uncles were setting it up and I wanted to go outside but my Mum and my family stopped me from going out there.

Kate Bolton 4:09
And you were probably thinking, why can't I go out?

Emelia 4:11
Yeah, yeah.

Kate Bolton 4:12
When you saw her, what did you think?

Emelia 4:14
I was like, Holy Moly!!

Kate Bolton 4:16
Pretty exciting.

Emelia 4:17

Kate Bolton 4:18
Can you describe Rosie? Tell us what she looked like.

Emelia 4:21
Well, she's a brown horse. And when I got her she had like stars and love hearts on her. And she has white on her. And she was really pretty horse.

Kate Bolton 4:34
When you had Rosie, what did you like doing with her?

Emelia 4:37
I liked riding her. And I liked feeding her.

Kate Bolton 4:42
Sometimes you'd go out into the paddock and...how old were you when you had Rosie?

Emelia 4:48
I think I was about four.

Kate Bolton 4:50
And sometimes you go out into the paddock and Mum would be inside wouldn't she and you wanted to ride her. And what would you do?

Emelia 4:56
I'd try to get the saddle on her but I wouldn't be strong enought to lift it up,

Kate Bolton 5:01
When you got a bit bigger,what would you do?

Emelia 5:03
I'd ride her. Or if I couldn't get the saddle on, I'd put the leash, the little leash on her and pull her to the fence and jump on her just bare.

Kate Bolton 5:14
You would. You'd ride her bareback with no saddle and no bridle.

Emelia 5:18

Kate Bolton 5:19
And would you just wander around the paddock?

Emelia 5:20

Kate Bolton 5:21
That's so cute Emilia. Did Rosie do any naughty things?

Emelia 5:27
All she really did was bucking

Kate Bolton 5:31
When you rode her that first day, and she bucked you off. How did that feel?

Emelia 5:35
I was quite scared to go back on her.

Kate Bolton 5:38
But what did you do?

Emelia 5:40
I just went back on her.

Kate Bolton 5:42
How many times did you fall off Rosie?

Emelia 5:46
I guess I think it was just one time on Christmas Day and a few times after Christmas Day.

Kate Bolton 5:53
Did Rosie do any funny things?

Kezzie 5:56
Yes. She went through gates. She'd break...break through the gate.

Emelia 6:04
Sometimes Rosie would jump over the fence and she wandered away. Once I got back from school, I'd see her eating the grass at the top of the driveway.

Kate Bolton 6:17
Sometimes there was lots of rain wasn't there yet? And what would happen when it rained lots?

Emelia 6:22
I didn't really want to go outside and feed Rosie but I had to.

Kate Bolton 6:27
And what about mucking out? Did you have to do this?

Emelia 6:30

Kate Bolton 6:31
Mucking out the poo.

Emelia 6:32

Kate Bolton 6:33
Did you have to do that?

Emelia 6:34

Kate Bolton 6:35
Did you like doing that?

Emelia 6:37
No, not really. She always used to poo in one spot. Where my Mum always says when she was younger her horses would poo everywhere.

Kate Bolton 6:48
After you had Rosie for a couple of years, could you saddle her up by yourself? And would you ride...go out and saddle her up and then ride her by yourself?

Emelia 7:00
Sometimes Mum had to watch me.

Kate Bolton 7:02
Yeah. Can you tell us about the day that we took Rosie from Emelia's place and took her to her new home? Can you remember that day? You tell us about that day Kezzie.

Kezzie 7:16
We went and took Rosie to a different Kate's house.

Kate Bolton 7:22
That's right. Yeah her name was Kate. How did she get to Kate's house? Who was riding her?

Kezzie 7:28

Kate Bolton 7:29
You rode her to her new house didn't you?

Kezzie 7:32

Kate Bolton 7:33
How did you feel saying goodbye to Rosie.

Ollie 7:35

Kate Bolton 7:36
What have we got to remember Rosie by?

Kezzie 7:39
I've got a picture of Rosie

Ollie 7:42
A little pink horse.

Kate Bolton 7:44
Yeah, we've got a lovely little pink horse that we called Rosie. It's a little ornament.

Kate Bolton 7:49
Kezzie can you tell us about the special gift that you got just a few weeks ago at your birthday party?

Kezzie 7:57
A pony.

Kate Bolton 7:58
How old did you turn at your birthday?

Kezzie 8:00

Kate Bolton 8:01
What did you think when I walked around the corner leading Chico onto the front lawn?

Kezzie 8:06
Happy, excited.

Kate Bolton 8:08
Can you describe Chico to us. Can you tell us what he looks like?

Kezzie 8:12
He looks gray

Kate Bolton 8:15
And is he big? Or is he little?

Kezzie 8:19

Kate Bolton 8:20
Where have you been riding him?

Kezzie 8:22
Around the block.

Kate Bolton 8:23
Where else have you taken him on some adventures?

Kezzie 8:26
To Toby and Jacks?

Kate Bolton 8:28
Where do Toby and Jack live?

Kezzie 8:29
In Kaikoura.

Kate Bolton 8:31
They live on a farm don't they?

Kezzie 8:33

Kate Bolton 8:33
And I love the horse. He was shaking and I fell off.

Kate Bolton 8:39
You were putting your foot into the stirrup

Kezzie 8:41
Yip, the stirrup wasn't comfortable. And I fell off.

Kate Bolton 8:45
And what did you do?

Kezzie 8:46
It's good I didn't fell in the puddle.

Kate Bolton 8:48
We were close to a puddle so that was good that you didn't fall in the paddle. How did you feel when you fell off? What did you think?

Kezzie 8:54
Scared. And I cried for a long time. We went back on him.

Kate Bolton 9:00
And you bravely rode down the road from Toby and Jacks place to Nana and Pop's place. And what else have you what other kinds of riding have you been doing with him here at home?

Kezzie 9:11
Around the paddock and we went cantering.

Kate Bolton 9:15
You play lots of little games with them. Can you tell us about the games that you play with him?

Kezzie 9:20
I go through the cones and I go through an alley way. I throw a ball into the bucket. I get Chico to walk over a pole. On my own. I love it. I love playing but

Kate Bolton 9:38
What are the things that you love doing for him?

Kezzie 9:40
I like doing the feed.

Kate Bolton 9:42
And when you feed him Kezzy, what do you have to do?

Kezzie 9:45
I have to get all the ingredients and put them in the bucket and stir and shake the ingredients around and then I'll go and feed it to Chico and Tara.

Kate Bolton 10:00
Do you put the buckets next to each other?

Kezzie 10:03
No, I put them in different places.

Kate Bolton 10:06
Why is that?

Kezzie 10:07
Cuz they'll fight over them.

Kate Bolton 10:10
Sadly we didn't get a Horseshoe Memento created of Rosie because she didn't have any horseshoes. But if we got Wayne our farrier to size a horseshoe to Chico's hoof we could create a horseshoe memento for him. What's your favorite finish?

Kezzie 10:23

Ollie 10:24
Mine's bronze.

Kezzie 10:26
What a bronze.

Ollie 10:27
It's like gold, but with brown.

Kate Bolton 10:29
Do you want to say something about Tara?

Kezzie 10:31
Mmmm Tara farts.

Kate Bolton 10:40
Does Chico

Kezzie 10:41

Kate Bolton 10:44
He's a gentleman isn't he.

Kate Bolton 10:47
Do you know how old Chico is?

Kezzie 10:51
He's 15

Kate Bolton 10:52
What were you gonna tell us about Tara? Do you like riding Tara?

Ollie 10:55
Kind of. When I was little I used to love it. as Tanya Eilish you still love Brian. Tara. I'm older. I don't why right.

Kate Bolton 11:04
Why don't you like riding Tara now?

Ollie 11:06
I don't know.

Kezzie 11:06
Tastebuds gone?

Kate Bolton 11:11
Have your horse taste buds disappeared?

Kate Bolton 11:14
Are there any other funny things you'd like to tell me about Rosie or Tara or Chico?

Kezzie 11:21

Emelia 11:21
Rosie was cute.

Kezzie 11:23
And naughty.

Kate Bolton 11:28
What happened if you leave the gate open?

Emelia 11:30
She would run away.

Kezzie 11:33
That's what Tara did, and Chico

Kate Bolton 11:35
Oh yeah, where did we find them the other day Kezzie?

Kezzie 11:38
Um down the drive. But we saw Tara down the drive and Chico was down at the grass up near house.

Kate Bolton 11:47
What did they do? When they saw us?

Kezzie 11:51
Tara was running into the paddock and when Tara went there, Chico was running into the paddock too

Kate Bolton 11:59
Yeah, they ran straight back into the paddock.

Emelia 12:01
They didn't want to get in trouble

Kezzie 12:04
Last time when me and Chico when for a ride with Mum, Tara kept farting and farting all the way down the road and Chico was a superhero cuz he didn't even fart one time.

Emelia 12:21
That's a bit funny.

Ollie 12:24
And Chico, he just follows her like he's her side kick.

Kezzie 12:30
Chico rubs himself on the gate.

Kate Bolton 12:33
That's becuase his coats coming out and he's got itchy

Kate Bolton 12:36
Are you gonna learn how to jump Chico?

Kezzie 12:39

Kate Bolton 12:39
How high do you think you're gonna jump him?

Kezzie 12:41
Two meters?

Kate Bolton 12:43
Two metres!! Wow. Are you going to set up some jumps. What are you gonna make your jumped out of?

Kezzie 12:50
hay bales?

Kate Bolton 12:51
That's a good idea. Where else do you think you'd like to ride Chico?

Kezzie 12:55
At the beach

Kate Bolton 12:56
What at the beach would be really fun to do?

Kezzie 12:59
Go in the water

Kate Bolton 13:01
Do you think that you'd wear your riding clothes? Or do you think you'd wear your swimming togs?

Kezzie 13:04
Swimming togs? Maybe swimming togs under if I want to go and have a swim.

Kate Bolton 13:11
There we have it. I hope you got a few giggles. First pony's are pretty special. They're an introduction to equine partnership. And the memories we create with them often lasts a lifetime. They hold a special place in our hat even if they were mischievious or prone to throw on a back every now and then.

Kate Bolton 13:26
In the show notes I've included a few photos of Ollie, Kezzie and Emelia with Rosie as well as the little pink Swedish dala pony we got in memory of her created by Maija Vance that we named Rosie AND the artwork of Rosie created by Debz Eagle.

Kate Bolton 13:40
You can also view them by visiting www.horseshoemementoes.com/blogs/podcast/9 Kizzy and Chico also feature there.

Kate Bolton 13:52
Thanks as always for listening to the horseshoe storyteller podcast we believe every horseshoe holds a story.