Tim Price's Meaningful Burghley Mementoes

August 29, 2019 1 Comment

Tim Price's Meaningful Burghley Mementoes

 Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy's Burghley Winning Horseshoe Mementoes

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials are literally just around the September corner, so I’ve taken a moment to reflect back on 2018, the year that Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy took out the coveted title and shortly after commissioned two Horseshoe Mementoes to capture the moment.

There are magic moments in life. The kind of moments where everything seems to align in your favour and suddenly something incredible happens. And in that moment you’re completely swept up, every other concern momentarily fades, and the feeling of utter joy and elation washes over you. You’re walking on air. 

Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy clearing the ’70 Years of Land Rover’ cross-country jump at Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2018. 

I can imagine that’s what it felt like for Tim (and Varenna Allen, Ringwood Sky Boy’s owner), the moment Ringwood Sky Boy cleared the final show jump and they knew that the Burghley victory was theirs. In fact, in his own words Tim described his Burghley Horse Trials win as being “very special” and something “I will always carry with me”.

Shortly after, Tim got in touch about getting a couple of Horseshoe Mementoes made from the shoes that Ringwood Sky Boy, wore during their Burghley triumph.  On Tim’s next trip back to New Zealand, he bought two of the winning horseshoes for us to transform into special mementos. 

The horseshoes that Ringwood Sky Boy was wearing when Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy won Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2018

These were THE very shoes that carried Ringwood Sky Boy (and Tim) through their Burghley campaign. From the initial trot-up, to the dressage, they covered the ground during the grueling physical and mental test that is Burghley cross-country and then provided stability and traction for balance and accuracy in the show-jumping phase – that ultimately crowned them Burghley Champions.

The horseshoes were forged by ESNZ farrier Andrew Nickalls. The set was formed with Ringwood Sky Boy’s podiatry requirements in mind and Andrew’s knowledge of the demands of Burghley – to ultimately give Tim and Ringwood Sky Boy the best possible chance at success.

During the process, the shoes were stamped with Andrew’s signature KIWI brand. 

Ringwood Sky Boy's Burghley Winning Horseshoes created by Farrier Andrew Nickalls and branded with his KIWI stamp

Once in the hands of the Horseshoe Mementoes team, they underwent a transformation process.  This included the removal of surface rust before being buffed and polished to a mirror shine.

 Horseshoe Mementoes Polishing Ringwood Sky Boy's Burghley Horse Trials 2018 Winning Horseshoe

An engraved nameplate reading ‘RINGWOOD SKY BOY, BURGHLEY 2018’ was secured to the toe of each horseshoe and then it was time for a luxurious layer of 24ct gold.

One of Ringwood Sky Boy’s Burghley Horseshoe Mementoes was placed on display at Land Rover New Zealand Horse of the Year in March 2019. 

 Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy's Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2018 Gold Horseshoe Memento on display at Land Rover New Zealand Horse of the Year 2019.

Event organises created ‘Land Rover Burghley Day’, for the cross-country leg of the eventing competition and replicated many iconic Burghley landmarks, features and of course, cross-country jumps. 

 Ringwood Sky Boy’s 24ct Gold plated Horseshoe Memento on display overlooking the Burghley inspired cross-country jumps at Land Rover New Zealand Horse of the Year, 2019.

Tim and Ringwood Sky Boy’s special Horseshoe Mementoes tell the story of conquering Burghley. The shoes are a tangible link to that momentous occasion, they carry the emotion, and bear the marks of the Burghley track that, on that day, belonged to Tim and Ringwood Sky Boy.

 Tim and Jonelle Price with Ringwood Sky Boy's Burghley 2018 Winning Horseshoe Mementoes

 And they are now part of Team Price’s equestrian legacy.

We wish Tim and Ringwood Sky Boy all the best in defending their title.  And of course Jonelle too, who will be riding her Luhmuhlen champion Fairie Dianimo.


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Lesley Richards
Lesley Richards

April 10, 2020

Having seen them, I can they trully say they are beautiful and such a lovely rememberance of both rider ( in this case Tim) and horse.

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