Straight to the Wall

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Straight to the Wall

Belcam de Canada Framed Horseshoe Memento


Event rider Luke Harmer and his girlfriend Ash live on 120 acres of family property in Peak Crossing on the border of Scenic Rim and Ipswich, Queensland in Australia.  No stranger to hard work, Luke has three trades. His day job, riding 4-6 horses after work and competing throughout the Eventing season. 

Luke is only one half of the dedicated duo, Ash is an incredible visual artist, a self-confessed perfectionist with a talented eye for composition and balance (you can check her stunning photography work out on Instagram @theblachat). She shares Luke’s love of horses and joins him on his competitive outings capturing it all in beautiful detail on camera. “I love watching it all come together and the happiness it brings to Luke when it does” explains Ash.


The Blachat Instagram Feed

 Above: Instagram @theblachat 


When Luke and Belcam Le Canada won their first one star event, Ash knew it was a special moment that needed to be commemorated in some way. “No one sees all the hard times, and the hard work put in behind the scenes, watching Canada and Luke perform at the top of their class is ultimately the most satisfying moments”. 


Canada and Luke performing dressage 

Cross country Luke and Canada 


It was Warwick Horse Trails CNC ODE where it all came together for the combination, “Luke had come so close to his first one star win before, but this was his first one star rug. You couldn’t wipe the smile off Luke’s face the whole truck ride home. The satisfaction of hard work and dedication all coming together” shared Ash.


Warwick Horse Trials CNC ODE


Described as a different character which others struggled to ride, and hated by his farrier (they have a personality clash), Canada’s talent is unbelievable and his achievements and progression are a real testimony of Luke’s ability to produce quality horses.


Luke and Canada


When asked what the secret to Luke’s success with Canada in such a short space of time has been, Ash’s answer was simple. Dedication. “His dedication to his horses and his passion for riding is unbelievable, not just riding though, but riding well. This combined with his knowledge and experience of horses across various levels and ability opens his opportunities to achieve success.”

It’s that success that spurred Ash who had come across our Instagram page @horseshoemementoes to arrange a Framed Horseshoe Memento as a surprise for Luke.  

Ash waited until the farrier was due to re-shoe Canada... 


Farrier trimming Canada’s hoof


Farrier Hot Shoeing

Nailing the shoe on


Setting two of Canada’s worn hind shoes aside, Ash asked the farrier if he could reheat them for her. Heat treating worn horseshoes is a simple and effective way of cleaning rust away and kills off anything unwanted ready for sending to New Zealand.


Canada’s worn and heat treated horseshoes


The front shoes of a horse have the classic rounded shape which are popular for Horseshoe Mementoes. When asked why Ash had chosen hind shoes instead, she explained, “I thought it would look different with the stud holes, a real representation of Canada, who is known for his athletic cross-country ability”.




And of the photograph chosen to be framed Ash confessed, “This was a really hard decision.  As a perfectionist I like the image to be as perfect as possible, however I am also very sentimental, and wanted an image that captured Canada’s true beauty”.


Framed Horseshoe Memento Canada


Ash chose a chrome finished Horseshoe Memento to be framed with the photograph of Canada for the following reasons; the silver toned horseshoe picks up the silver detailing in Canada’s bridle. The green background enhances his grey colour and the silver horseshoe. Finally, the black frame suits his bridle and ties it all together!  


Luke and his Framed Horseshoe Memento


“Opening it was a special moment for Luke.  I think it’s going to be displayed in the formal lounge room where everyone can enjoy it” Ash.



Belcam Le Canada is a 17.1hh, 7-year-old Warmblood, bred by ‘Belcam Warmblood Stud’, owned by Ulli Klatte, who is now Luke’s coach. Canada was purchased by Carmel and Stan Harmer just over a year ago.  Luke has impressively excelled Canada’s education, taking him up to one star with one first and three seconds. Luke’s intent is to compete Canada at two star this year.


Photography Credit: All images featured were taken by Ash @theblachat


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February 20, 2019

What a wonderful memento for a beautiful horse and dedicated rider.

Lynn Grant
Lynn Grant

February 20, 2019

What a great article! I really enjoyed reading it.
They both work so hard. It’s nice to see that recognised.

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