Gold Shoes for Jonelle's Golden Girls.

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Gold Shoes for Jonelle's Golden Girls.

Classic Moet's 24ct Gold Plated Horseshoe Memento ready for sending

I have two small children that keep me on my toes during the day but that didn't stop me staying up four chilly nights in a row fireside to watch the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials 2018 via a live internet feed.

Below: My Badminton set up by the fireside. You might just be able to make out Badminton House on my computer screen?!

2018 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials by the fireside

It was an incredibly exciting event to watch and an absolute showjumping nail biter. I'll admit it, I shed a few tears of joy when our kiwi girl Jonelle Price and Classic Moet won, what an achievement! 

It was their infamously speedy cross-country performance in the sticky, holding ground that catapulted them from 22nd place after the dressage phase to the top of the leader board. 

Here's a few pics I took (of my computer screen) as I was watching the final phase of showjumping, and shared to Horseshoe Mementoes Instagram Stories.


Jonelle's Win on Instagram Stories

I remember equestrian legend Mark Todd's quote to the media just before the event started,

"Tennis has Wimbledon and Eventing has Badminton" Mark Todd.

Badminton is described as the holy grail of horse eventing. 

Bearing witness to the entire event and listening to Jonelle's summary of the winning feeling in an interview immediately after her win "Dreams come True".  She said being a four-star winner is like being part of an elite club and that club had eluded her for a number of years. "I've had Classic Moet since she was 10 and [her owner] Tricia Rickards has had eventers for 30 years and this is her first four-star win, so it's a special moment for us all" Jonelle Price.

Her comments made me think, this really is a 'Horseshoe Mementoes Moment'.  If I was Jonelle, I would love a memento of this incredible moment. So, a few days later I sent Jonelle an email with the subject 'Hold onto your Badminton Winning Horseshoes", offering to transform one of Classic Moet's Badminton winning horseshoes into a Horseshoe Memento for her.

Jonelle promptly replied "Thanks for your very kind offer.  She’s actually had the shoes whipped off. I’ll see if they are still around or not?!". 

Shortly after, the shoes were found.  

THEN, Jonelle (this time riding Faerie Dianimo), won Luhmuhlen four-star event in Germany! 

Back four-star wins!!

So, I sent Jonelle this message;

"Wow Jonelle, what a season you're having! Congratulations on your Luhmuhlen victory, another very exciting finish and fantastic achievement.

If you haven't sent Classic Moet's shoes off yet, you might as well pop one of Faerie Dianimo's in the package too. It's not everyday you win back to back four-star events!  Both horses deserve gold shoes!"
Package in letterbox
Shortly afterwards on a sunny Friday afternoon, I went to the mailbox to find this special package containing a horseshoe belonging to Classic Moet and one belonging to Faerie Dianimo along with a handwritten note from Jonelle explaining which shoe belonged to which horse.
Classic Moet and Faerie Dianimo's Horseshoes BEFORE
The shoe laying flat is Classic Moet's Badminton winning horseshoe and the shoe leaning on top of it is Faerie Dianimo's Luhmuhlen winning horseshoe.
It's fair to say that when you receive four-star winning horseshoes, from New Zealand's eventing golden girl it is a pretty surreal moment. With no one around to capture a photo of me with the shoes, I did what anyone else would do and took a selfie (hence one slightly blurry eye).
Selfie with the horseshoes
I always take and categorise 'before' photographs as it is incredibly satisfying looking back on what the shoes used to look like.
I took some pics of Classic Moet's shoe with New Zealand magazine articles published about Jonelle's Badminton win (Jonelle's Luhmuhlen win with Faerie Dianimo hadn't been published about at that stage).
Classic Moet's Badminton Horseshoe with Show Circuit Magazine's article about the win.
Above: New Zealand's Show Circuit Magazine's feature article on Jonelle and Classic Moet's epic win pictured with one of Classic Moet's Badminton winning horseshoes.
NZ Horse and Pony Magazine with Classic Moet's Horseshoe
Above: Classic Moet's Badminton winning horseshoe pictured with NZ Horse and Pony Magazine's article about Jonelle's victory. 
Polishing the Horseshoes
Polishing the Horseshoes
Above: Polishing and buffing the horseshoes to a mirror shine.
Planning Engraving
Above: Planning the engraving for each horseshoe. 
As well as the horse's names, Classic Moet's shoe was also engraved with BADMINTON 2018 and Faerie Dianimo's shoe with LUHMUHLEN 2018.
Classic Moet and Faerie Dianimo's 24ct Gold Plated Horseshoe Mementoes
Above: The 24ct gold plated horseshoe duo.
Faerie Dianimo 24ct Gold Horseshoe Memento from Luhmuhlen
Above: It's difficult to believe the horseshoe above was one of the front shoes flying over that  jump on Faerie Dianimo! Photo taken of the horseshoe on NZ Horse and Pony Magazine issue August 2018. 
Horseshoe Mementoes are a wonderful way of capturing a moment in time. To have a tangible reminder of one of the horseshoes that were nailed to the horse that carried you to victory is pretty special.
Faerie Dianimo's 24ct Gold Plated Horseshoe Memento
Classic Moet and Faerie Dianimo 24ct Gold Horseshoe Mementoes
Above: Molly and Maggie at home in the paddock at Mere Farm. NZ Horse and Pony magazine August 2018 issue.
Classic Moet's 24ct Gold Plated Horseshoe Memento for Jonelle Price
 Faerie Dianimo's 24ct Gold Plated Horseshoe Memento for Jonelle Price

Jonelle's response to her Horseshoe Mementoes...

Jonelle Price's Response


"Thank you so much, they are truly beautiful" Jonelle Price.


It was such an honour transforming and creating them for Jonelle.  Wishing Jonelle and Classic Moet - and all the other riders representing New Zealand at Tryon World Equestrian Games this week all the very best. 


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Sara Thurgood
Sara Thurgood

June 25, 2020

Afternoon I am interested in have my horses horse shoe gold plated as a memento as I have sadly had to say good bye to him today. Can you mount on a wood base? Many thanks

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