5 Display Ideas For Your Home

June 21, 2016

5 Display Ideas For Your Home

Horseshoe Mementoes, are a charming and sentimental addition to your home interior.  Displaying them somewhere prominent gives you the opportunity to share the story behind your worn horseshoe and why you chose to have it transformed into a Horseshoe Memento.  We love creating décor looks to team with Horseshoe Mementoes.  Here are five ideas to give you inspiration.silver plated horseshoe

#1 Horseshoe Memento Decor Idea: The glass dome provides a focal point for the silver plated Horseshoe Memento, the ability to see through the dome to the framed photograph of horse and rider helps tell the story of the horseshoe. 

In this instance, horseshoe nails have been used through the nail holes in the horseshoe to stand it up.  If doing this, be very careful not to scratch the silver plating with the nails.  Any areas that get scratched will be prone to rusting.

Silver plated Horseshoe

#2 Horseshoe Memento Decor Idea: This wedding Horseshoe Memento looks pretty propped up against a framed wedding photo.  The contrasting metallic highlights of the silver plated horseshoe paired with the gold tones of the photo frame work nicely together.


Bronze plated Horseshoe Memento

#3 Horseshoe Memento Decor Idea: A vase full of flowers or foliage is always a welcome addition to the home.  In this instance, magnolia leaves are working beautifully to bring out the rich copper and bronze tones of this Horseshoe Memento. The silver vase and hints of silver in the framed art provide a lift to the deep bronze accents.

Horseshoe Mementoes on top of a door frame

#4 Horseshoe Memento Decor Idea: Horseshoe Mementoes perched on top of a door frame add a warm country touch to your home.  

Copper plated Horseshoe Memento

#5 Horseshoe Memento Decor Idea: Copper plated Horseshoe Mementoes are simply striking teamed with a green colour palette.  The natural tones of the pile of books plus the copper candle holder work well to pull this beside table look together.  This look would also suit a study/office or library.

Remember, Horseshoe Mementoes like dry indoor environments and not too much handling.  For more inspiration on displaying your Horseshoe Memento like us on facebook.com/horseshoemementoes and follow us on Instagram @horseshoemementoes.

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