From Rusty to Refined

June 21, 2016

From Rusty to Refined

Rusty Horseshoes

Horseshoes are typically viewed as a practical item, many believe horseshoes bring good luck.  But a horseshoe can also be an emotional object, a tangible reminder of the good times had together between a horse and rider(s) including rides, the success of a competition, a first outing, the last outing or even a special occasion like a wedding. Forged to a horses exact hoof print and carrying the worn toes and steel nicks of the journeys taken together, every horseshoe is 100% unique and reflects its own stories.

Horseshoe Mementoes transform your horse’s worn shoe into a stunning horseshoe keepsake.  Steel or aluminium horseshoes are able to be restored and elegantly finished in your preference of 24ct gold, bronze, copper or chrome.  Each horseshoe is further personalised with your horses name or meaningful message engraved into it.  Horseshoes are engraved on the front as long as there is enough flat surface area.  Otherwise they are engraved on the back. 

Bronze plated and engraved Horseshoe Memento

Or, for the ultimate tribute, we place your favourite photograph of your horse alongside their beautifully restored horseshoe and create a gorgeous framed Horseshoe Memento. 

Bronze Framed Horseshoe Mementoe

Horseshoe Mementoes are a sentimental way to commemorate a successful event or season, honour the memory of a loved horse, celebrate a true champion or capture a special moment.  Horseshoe Mementoes are also a thoughtful and original horse gift, tribute or memorial.

Providing the Horseshoe

Once your order has been placed at, tie a tag to your horseshoe and write your name, return postage details, phone number(s), email address, plating request and what you would like engraved on it.  Then package it up and post or courier to Horseshoe Mementoes.

Tagged Horseshoe for Horseshoe Mementoes

If you are sending a horseshoe within NZ, we recommend posting it in an NZ Post $5 bubble postage included bag.

If you are sending a horseshoe from overseas we recommend that you give it a thorough scrub to remove any dirt/stones/grass/seed. Particularly in the nail holes which is where dirt can get trapped. 

New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries will inspect the horseshoe upon arrival into the country.  Thoroughly cleaned horseshoes will be processed immediately, slightly questionable horseshoes will be sprayed with Virkon disinfectant.  

Any horseshoes sent that have not been thoroughly scrubbed will be sent away for fumigation which incurs a NZ$35 fee and causes a time delay.  The sender of the horseshoe will be notified and requested to pay the fee in advance of the treatment taking place.

Please ensure that you make a clear customs declaration on the package, write that it contains a ‘used horseshoe that has been scrubbed and cleaned’.

Horseshoe Mementoes will notify you as soon as your horseshoe has been received.  You will also be notified once the work has been completed and the horseshoe has been dispatched back to you – along with a courier tracking code so that you can trace the parcel.

As each horseshoe is a one-off restoration piece, they do take time and care to create.  Please allow at least 3 weeks for Horseshoe Mementoes to complete the work, plus add to this the shipping time.

Horseshoe Care

Horseshoe Mementoes are designed to be treasured keepsakes.  To stand the test of time your horseshoe must be handled with care and displayed indoors in a damp proof environment.   

On Display

Copper plated Horseshoe Mementoes

Your imagination is your limit when it comes to displaying Horseshoe Mementoes, for some ideas refer to our 'Ideas for Displaying Horseshoe Mementoes' article.

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