Capturing Bella's Lost Moments

July 02, 2018 1 Comment

Capturing Bella's Lost Moments

Bella and Major Moment

Losing a special horse is one thing, but to lose two special sport horses within two years of each other when you are only 17 years old is a tough life lesson in horsemanship.

Isabella was 15 when she lost her beloved horse Major Moment (aka Mikey) to a tragic paddock accident. The two had been in partnership just four months, but he had sure made a huge impact on her life in that short time. 

"The bond between Mikey and Bella was instant. It was like they had been together forever" Lisa (Isabella's Mother).

Bella jumping Major Moment

"Mikey was a 5 year old off the track with the most gorgeous personality. He certainly stole our hearts" Lisa.

Bella and One Moment

Then just four months ago, Isabella (now 17 years), lost her second horse One Moment (Obie) to a rare cancerous tumor in his leg. One Moment was an 8 year old off the track.

"He was not easy, but he was talented and intelligent. Bella could certainly get the best out of him and had trained him so well. He was a very cheeky soul that was just a delight to have around, challenging at times, but you couldn’t help but love him" Lisa.

Bella jumping One Moment

That is when Lisa, got in touch with us. Knowing the tough time that Isabella had been through, she asked whether we could create a Horsehair Horseshoe Memento for Bella from Major Moment's and One Moment's horseshoes and tails - as a surprise for Isabella. 

Lisa's farrier re-heated both shoes to strip them back, remove any rust and kill any bugs. Lisa then heat treated the tails by soaking them in boiling water with disinfectant for a length of time.  

Keepsakes from Major Moment Horse

The horseshoes and long section of tail from each horse were then sent to New Zealand from Australia. On arrival the shoes and tail hair were carefully categorised so that they wouldn't get mixed up during the horseshoe transformation process.

Major Moments Keepsakes

The tails were measured and braided before the horseshoe transformation into Horsehair Horseshoe Mementoes began.  

 Horsehair Braid and Horseshoe

And once the shoes had been transformed, each braid was set into place in the groove.

One Moment's Horsehair Horseshoe Memento

The finishing touch was engraving each horseshoe with the horse's name. 

One Moment's Engraved Horsehair Horseshoe Memento

Below is Major Moment's Horseshoe Memento. His braid has beautiful flecks of warm colour that are just gorgeous.

Major Moment's Horsehair Horseshoe Memento Keepsake

Major Moment's Horsehair Horseshoe Memento Keepsake

One Moment's Horseshoe Memento below is striking with the bold contrast of the black braid against the gleaming chrome.

 One Moment's Horsehair Horseshoe Memento Keepsake

One Moment and Major Moment's Horsehair Horseshoe Memento Keepsakes

Our cases are perfect for safe keeping and were wonderful for protecting the precious cargo while they transited back to Australia. 

Horseshoe Mementoes Returned Horsehair

Above is the unused tail hair that I loosely braided and rolled up as a garland to send back to Isabella.  

Horseshoe Mementoes Packaging

Lisa videoed Isabella unwrapping her Horseshoe Mementoes and we were delighted that she shared the video with us. It was so touching to see Bella's response to her beautiful boy's Horseshoe Mementoes. When I saw the tears roll down her face, I myself shed a few! What a special moment.

It was for moments like those that I started Horseshoe Mementoes and it is very rewarding to see the impact they have.

"Thank you so much, you have put all my memories into the shoes so beautifully, they're amazing. Thank you for creating something that I'll be able to have forever and remember them everyday" Isabella.


Bella evented on Major Moment and One Moment but has gone back to her love, show jumping. She now has a horse called HL Fiasco (Orange) who unfortunately has a lateral malleolus avulsion fracture of the tibia and rupture of the short lateral collateral ligament. He has had surgery and it will be a six month rehabilitation.

We wish Orange all the very best for a full recovery and look forward to seeing them out competing soon.

"Bella has had a pretty rough time of it over the last 3 years, but I am so proud of how well she has handled her self and keeps going" Lisa.

Bella and HL Fiasco

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Lisa Colfer
Lisa Colfer

July 31, 2018

We can’t thank you enough for your beautiful words, service and the gorgeous keepsakes of our beloved boys. A beautiful and permanent reminder for us everyday.

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