Recollections in Retirement

March 29, 2018

Recollections in Retirement

Diana Sonerson and Southern Boy

Reaching retirement is a wonderful milestone, and one that Diana Sonerson chose to mark for her special dressage horse Southern Boy with a Framed Horseshoe Memento.

Southern Boy's Original Horseshoe

The original horseshoe had the nails firmly rusted in place. Diana had a special request that if possible, could the horseshoe nails please stay in the shoe and be part of the transformation too.  Two of the original nails were carefully removed and repositioned in different nail holes, this was done in order for the horseshoe to be able to be secured to the frame at the end of the process. 

 There was just one horseshoe nail that wasn’t able to be retained, so Kate safely stored it away to keep as a reminder of what the original horseshoe used to look like.   Southern Boy’s shoe then went through the Horseshoe Mementoes process of restoring and polishing before being plated in 24ct gold.

Southern Boy's Horseshoe Finished in 24ct Gold

“Even I was astounded at how well Southern Boy’s horseshoe came up.  I never grow tired of seeing the transformation of the horseshoes that we work on. I love the finished result of Southern Boy’s shoe especially with the horseshoe nails” Kate Bolton, Horseshoe Mementoes.

Southern Boy's Framed Horseshoe Memento

Southern Boy’s framed memento holds a lot of sentiment, as the feature horseshoe was from the last set of competition shoes worn before he was retired.

Southern Boy's Framed Horseshoe Memento on the wall

The horseshoe is now a beautiful reminder on Diana’s wall of her and Southern Boy’s wonderful partnership and all the memories they made together.


Wishing you a long and happy retirement Southern Boy!

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