Equidays 2016

October 04, 2016

Equidays 2016

 Getting ready for Equidays

We are busy gearing up for Equidays at Mystery Creek in Hamilton New Zealand which takes place from 14-16 October.  It will be exactly one year since our official launch of Horseshoe Mementoes at Equidays last year and we are excited to see what the event this year will bring.  Our full range of Horseshoe Mementoes will be on display plus we have two new product ranges to launch”.

IWantThatDoormat        Old School Ruler Height Charts

IWantThatDoormat is a brand new range of quirky, stylish horse themed doormats.  The doormats have been created to inject fun and personality into doorsteps, horse trucks or tack rooms.  Hello Trot on In, Shoes Off, Enter at Working Trot…take your pick!


IWantThatDoormat’s make brilliant gifts for horsey people and with Christmas fast approaching they are sure to be on a few people’s wish lists.  Like our page at facebook.com/iwantthatdoormat to be included in our Equidays launch special!

Equine Old School Ruler Height Charts

The other exciting product launch for Equidays is personalised equine Old School Ruler Height Charts. Old School Ruler Height Charts are (giant) replicas of the classic wooden school ruler.  Made from sustainable New Zealand pine and able to be personalised with your child or family’s name.

Equine Old School Ruler Height Charts

The fun and unique aspect of our equine Old School Ruler Height Charts are that they measure centimetres along one edge of the ruler and horse hands (hh) along the other.  So, you can track your child or family’s growth and record the ponies and horses that have been part of your family’s growth too!  It’s a really sentimental record that you can easily take with you, should you move house.   

Like our page at facebook.com/oldschoolrulerheightcharts to be included in our Equidays equine ruler launch special!

 Wilson Sisters Wild Horse Shoes

For those who are planning to visit the Wilson Sisters site at Equidays, you may notice three special Horseshoe Mementoes on display.  A Horseshoe Memento created from a shoe worn by each of their wild horses that will be representing at Equidays…Argo (New Zealand Kaimanawa), Bragg (American Mustang) and Shyla (Australian Brumby).  We are part way through the transformation process but each horseshoe will have a different finish including 24ct gold, silver and bronze and will be engraved with the horse’s name. To see the finished result of the Wilson Sisters wild horseshoes visit facebook.com/horseshoemementoes.

Check out our Equidays special offers including the Horseshoe Mementoes ‘Bring your Shoe to Equidays’ promotion.  Remember to bring your horse or pony’s worn shoe to enter in the draw to win a Horseshoe Mementoes transformation up to the value of $219 (that’s a 24ct gold Horseshoe Memento!).

Bring your Shoe to Equidays




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