Horseshoe Mementoes Equestrian Inspired Christmas

December 03, 2019 1 Comment

Horseshoe Mementoes Equestrian Inspired Christmas

Horseshoe Mementoes Christmas tree

I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas.  The creativity in preparing our home for it, hunting down meaningful gifts for loved ones, the joy, anticipation and excitement of our two children on Christmas Eve. I'm even a sucker for Christmas songs!

Our family Christmas Eve tradition is to attend a Carol Service, have supper and when it’s dark outside we all pile into the car and take a leisurely drive (and stroll) around our local neighbourhood to view the Christmas light displays.

On Christmas Day our main meal is lunch where the extended family gather together and feast, exchange gifts, play a game or two and relax.

Christmas lunch

Christmas family time

And have family photos.

Christmas Family Photo

This year I was inspired to incorporate a touch of equestrian style into our Christmas décor. I decided to use horseshoes as a base for tree decorations and got handy with some silver spray paint (perhaps I’ll use actual Horseshoe Mementoes next year). 

Horseshoe Mementoes Horse Christmas Decoration

Horseshoe Mementoes horseshoe and app,es Christmas decoration

Horseshoe Mementoes horseshoe Christmas decoration
I love the way the horseshoe decorations turned out, if you’d like to have a go at making some of these I’ve created a blog post outlining how I made them, where I sourced everything from and my tips and tricks, go check it out. Even if you only make one using your horse’s worn shoe to display on your tree to represent your horse or pony. 

Horseshoe Mementoes Christmas decoration

With horseshoes in mind I used silver as my primary colour theme for our Christmas tree, complimented with touches of white and natural paper decorations.

Hanging Christmas decorations

Horseshoe Mementoes Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tree

An equestrian Christmas tree isn’t complete without a Horseshoe Mementoes gift underneath it.

Horseshoe Memento gift under Christmas tree

The colour theme from the tree was carried over to the Christmas table, but this time I introduced a pop of red – because is it really Christmas without a touch of red on your table?

Horseshoe Mementoes Christmas Centrepiece

Christmas red berries

I bought this little reindeer from Kmart last year (I think they are still selling them this year), and popped the ribbon round his neck as a fun touch. 

Red Reindeer Christmas table decoration

The silver apples and horse decorations that featured on the tree were used at the table placings. I also placed horseshoes at the base of the vases (which are actually old school glass cream bottles).

Silver apple decorations

Silver apple name placeholders

Equestrian inspired table setting

To welcome in Christmas (and guests), one of our fun equestrian doormats was laid out and we placed a Horseshoe Mementoes Christmas wreath on our front door. 

Hello trot on in doormat

Horseshoe Mementoes Equestrian Christmas wreath

Horseshoe Mementoes Christmas entrance
You may not want to go ‘full equestrian’ with your Christmas decorations but introducing even just one or two little touches can signify the importance of your equestrian passion and makes a stylish statement.

Merry Christmas and have fun decorating!

Kate xx


Want to make the horseshoe Christmas decorations? Here's the link to our step by step guide.

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April 10, 2020

I love this whole set up! It looks incredible you have done a phenomenal job and I cannot wait to try make some horse decorations of our own! Thanks so much for sharing =)

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