Beau-tiful Memories

August 01, 2018

Beau-tiful Memories


Beau at home in Auckland, New Zealand. Photo Credit: Phillipa Robinson-Haynes.

The first time Phillipa saw Beau, a three year old child was standing underneath him, stroking his tummy with a broom! 

"He didn't mind; that was his exceptional nature" his owner Phillipa explained. "He was a kind gentleman who was loved and trusted by all. An old soul who instinctively knew what you were thinking."

Beau was a strong, reliable and dependable hunter, just the type you want out on the hunt field.  But sadly, he passed away before his time. That's when Phillipa got in touch and sent two of Beau's bar horseshoes to be transformed into chrome Horseshoe Mementoes as a special keepsake and lasting reminder of him.

Phillipa, a talented photographer, sent through a photo of Beau (above) as well as the incredible photo below that she took of Adam her farrier shoeing Beau. I love receiving photos of the horses whose shoes I am working on and hearing their stories.  It's what keep my job so interesting. 

Adam Shoeing Beau

Beau being shod by Adam his farrier. Photo Credit: Phillipa Robinson-Haynes.

The photo above highlights the starting point of every Horseshoe Memento. Beau's bar horseshoes were expertly shaped by Adam to fit Beau's hooves and as you can see below, now that they have been removed, feature the worn toes and steel nicks from the rides and moments that Phillipa and Beau had together.  Uniquely shaped as only Beau's gait and movement could. 

That's what is so interesting about worn horseshoes, every one is completely unique - no two are the same.  It's like each worn horseshoe carries the horse's signature.

Beau's Bar Horseshoes BEFORE

Beau's Polished Horseshoes

Beau's horseshoes (plus one belonging to another horse), on the polishing table just after being polished to a mirror shine in preparation for chrome plating.  A lot of work goes into the preparation stages to create the optimum base for achieving a beautiful plated result.

Beau's Chrome Engraved Horseshoe Memento

Voila! One of the completed Horseshoe Mementoes, plated in chrome and engraved with Beau's name.  I never grow tired of the transformation process and love looking back at the 'before' photographs.  It's so satisfying!

Beau's Chrome Horseshoe Mementoes

Phillipa not only ordered a Horseshoe Memento for herself, but she thoughtfully ordered one for Beau's previous owner who is a good friend of hers.  Together they have a personal reminder of their special friend and companion to treasure forever.

Beau's Horseshoes Before and After

Beau's horseshoes before and after, taken near his final resting place. Photo Credit: Phillipa Robinson-Haynes.

"Thank you, Kate for turning dear Beau's old shoes (insert above) into a stunning, meaningful memory. They have been beautifully chromed, engraved and presented. XX"  - Phillipa

If you have enjoyed Phillipa's photographs, I would encourage you to check out her Facebook page, Phillipa Robinson-Haynes Photography.  Phillipa is an equine, portrait and pet photographer in the Auckland area, New Zealand. 

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