24ct Gold Horseshoes, the Ultimate Tribute.

October 14, 2015

Horseshoe Mementoes 24ct Gold Plated Horseshoe

Horseshoe Mementoes will reveal its brand new personalised horseshoe keepsakes at Equidays, Mystery Creek from 16-18 October. 

Horseshoe Mementoes transform worn yet sentimental horseshoes into precious personalised keepsakes for horse and pony owners.  The stunning polished horseshoes plated in a choice of 24ct gold, bronze, copper or chrome (silver look) and engraved with the name of the horse or pony are the only offering of its kind in New Zealand. 

Each Horseshoe Memento is presented in an equestrian style gift box for safe keeping.  But for the ultimate tribute, there are options for horseshoes to be framed individually or alongside a photograph of the horse or pony with an engraved name plate.  The classic shadow box frames are handmade in New Zealand and transform the restored horseshoes into art pieces.

It doesn’t matter if the horseshoe is made from steel or aluminum or what state it is in, even old rusty horseshoes can be transformed into beautiful Horseshoe Mementoes. 

“It’s incredibly exciting to showcase the range of Horseshoe Mementoes to New Zealand for the first time at Equidays.  We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand (P15) during Equidays and finding out what they think” said Kate Bolton, owner of Horseshoe Mementoes.

More than just a functional object, horseshoes are a tangible reminder of good times had between horse and owner.  Memories including rides, the success of a competition, or a horse’s participation at a special occasion like a wedding are etched into each shoe. Forged to a horse’s exact hoof print and carrying the worn toes and steel nicks of the journeys taken together, every horseshoe is 100% unique. 

The idea of Horseshoe Mementoes came as a result of Kate losing a special horse to a neurological disorder after a 17 year partnership.  ‘Saying goodbye was like losing one of my closest friends.  She was one of the family, and had shared in many special occasions, including one of the first dates with my husband, our engagement, and wedding day’ said Kate.

‘As a way of dealing with Bindy's loss I wanted to create a personal lasting memory of her, something unique that represented our partnership.  So, I took the set of shoes worn on our final journeys together and starting experimenting with beautiful finishes and engraving’ said Kate. Delighted with the results of her initial experiments, Kate started thinking that perhaps she wasn't the only person who would appreciate a keepsake like this for their special horse.

Not just relevant for horses that are no longer with us, boxed and framed Horseshoe Mementoes are a wonderful way to commemorate an event.  They make thoughtful and original birthday, Christmas and of course wedding gifts, particularly if there is going to be an equestrian element to the special day.  The horses shoe can be engraved with the bride and grooms name and wedding date, or framed beautifully alongside a wedding photograph. 

 ‘What better memory than of those precious hours spent together imprinted and shaped into your horses shoe then beautifully restored for you to treasure forever?’ Kate.

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