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July 31, 2015

Hooray, this our very first blog post!

I am so excited to bring you 'Horseshoe Mementoes', an idea that I have been busy exploring as a result of losing my special horse 'Bindy'.  

Bindy and I had a wonderful 17 year partnership and I was devastated to lose her. To assist with my loss, I wanted to create a gorgeous keepsake to remember our time together by. Something that was unique and sentimental just to us. So I took her last set of shoes that were worn on our final journeys together and started experimenting with beautiful finishes and engraving.  

I was delighted with the first results. I started thinking that perhaps I wasn't the only person who would appreciate a keepsake like this for their horse, so I started experimenting with some of my other horses shoes and some friends horseshoes.

And so the Horseshoe Mementoes journey began...

Please, take your time and have a wander around our new website.

And if you are interested, I would be honored to create a special Horseshoe Memento for you.

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