Keep up with the Brumbies with your piece of the journey

June 06, 2016 2 Comments

Keep up with the Brumbies with your piece of the journey

Horseshoe Mementoes Keeping up with the Brumbies

Support the Wilson Sisters in their mission to raise awareness of the plight of Australian Brumbies and you could be rewarded with a 24ct gold plated Horseshoe Memento created from one of their Brumby’s horseshoes and more.  Donate online at to raise funds for the creation of a web series to educate while sharing the story of these wild horses in the sisters' entertaining way.

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Kate Bolton
Kate Bolton

June 16, 2016

Hi Gabby

Thanks for your comment.

The best way to connect with the Wilson Sisters is through their facebook page

You could ask a parent with a Facebook account if they could follow the Wilson Sisters and the work they will be doing with their wild brumbies on Facebook. You might be able to pick up a few tips on riding bareback and jumping there. Or through the web series that they are currently fundraising for in order to create. Keep an eye out for it.

Happy riding


June 09, 2016

Hi Wilson sisters
I am gabby from Western Australia I am 12 yrs old and ride horses as well
I love the work you have done with the kimanawas and think it is great than you are coming to Melbourne I think you are all great with horses and will achieve lots with the brumbies. I hope to meet you in person one day. Can you please give me some tips on bear back and jumping please. I wish I could help you with the brumbies. At times I think we need to do things like this up at the cattle stations.
All the best

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