Pony Club, Show Hunting and Equine Photography

September 30, 2020

Pony Club, Show Hunting and Equine Photography


Have you ever had your horse riding confidence knocked?  Jade Marshall shares the story of her special horse Cisco, who rebuilt her confidence and returned her enjoyment for the sport. Plus the special way she chose to give back to the sport…

This episode is bought to you by Horseshoe Mementoes the place to go for personalised lasting memories of your horse or pony. 


Here's a sneak peak at what you'll hear in my interview with Jade:

[1:53]   Jade's earliest memories of horse riding

[2:45]   Jade’s family history of Albertland Pony Club  

[3:01]   The first time Jade came across Cisco

[3:55]   Cisco’s personality

[5:09]   Show Hunting

[8:50]   Highlights and funny moments with Cisco

[10:02  Jade’s favourite way to spend time with Cisco

[10:42]  Jade's greatest accomplishment with Cisco

[11:06]  The gift that Cisco has bought to Jade's life

[11:53]  Cisco’s Gold Horsehair Horseshoe Memento

[13:15]  The special gift that Jade and her friend created for their Pony Club

[15:56]  What Jade is up to today including her uni studies and passion for equine photography


Jade Marshall and Cisco

Above: Jade Marshall and Cisco. Photos supplied by Jade Marshall Photography


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Jade Marshall's Horseshoe Mementoes Above: Jade Marshall's Horseshoe Mementoes (including partially completed Show Hunter trophy for Albertland Pony Club). Photos Credit: Jade Marshall Photography


Show Hunter Trophy for Albertland Pony Club

Above: Show Hunter trophy created by Jade Marshall and her friend for the Albertland Pony Club.  Created from a tree stump and chrome Horseshoe Memento (the plaque is yet to be fitted to the trophy). Photo Credit: Jade Marshall Photography


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