September 02, 2020




Losing a special horse tragically is something we as horse riders never want to face, but often it’s completely out of our control. 

In this episode Lisa Colfer shares her story of tragic loss and helpful ways she journeyed equestrian grief with daughter Bella.

It's Lisa's hope that by sharing her story, you'll feel less alone in facing the loss of your horse and will also find the freedom to grieve and make decisions at a pace that feels right to you.

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Here's a sneak peak at what you'll hear in my interview with Lisa Colfer:

[2:56]  Lisa’s first introduction to horses and horse riding, which was influenced by her Grandmother.

[4:47] The stories of special horses Mikey and Obie

[13:17]  Advice for parents of children who are facing equestrian grief

[14:47] The story of losing Mini 

[26:49]  Advice for expressing sympathy to someone who has lost a horse.

[28:54]  Lisa outlines all the touching ways they memorialised Mikey, Obie and Mini. 

[33:56] Summary of the journey of grief


Mikey and Obie's Horsehair Horseshoe Mementoes



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