September 02, 2020




Hands up if you love horse stories about beating the odds and you have an interest in hunting and round-the-ring show hunting? I know I do! If that’s you too, then this episode is for you.

Today's guest Julia Kingscote, is one of my all-time favourite people. Julia has been my horse riding mentor since I was 16. She introduced me to the sport of hunting and encouraged me to take up show hunting.

Julia is one of my besties and I also affectionately call her my second Mum. I wanted her to share the heart-warming story of her horse Handshake (Tommy) with you. It's a story of a little wild horse from the Clarence Reserve at the back of Kaikoura, NZ who literally saved his own life, and together with Julia went on to prove his worth. I know you'll love this story and have a few giggles along the way.

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Here's a sneak peak at what you'll hear in my interview with Julia Kingscote:

[1:58]  Julia's first memories of horse riding with her family in Ireland

[3:50]  Looking for a new hunter in New Zealand

[4:39]  The Clarence Reserve horse round-up for the cull

[6:38]  When Julia first met Handshake (Tommy), in Kaikoura

[8:16] Tommy's arrival at Willie and Julia's property

[9:28]  The meaning behind Handshake's name

[10:22] Memorable moments with Tommy

[11:33] Tommy as a Hunter with the Brackenfield Hunt Club

[12:23] Tommy as a Round-the-Ring Show Hunter

[14:36] Julia and Tommy's accomplishments

[19:45] Julia's horse riding accidents on Tommy

[21:06] Tommy's greatest accomplishment with the Brackenfield Hunt Club

[22:59] Julia's most memorable moment with Tommy

[24:05] Tommy's retirement

[24:44] Tommy's Framed Horseshoe Memento


Handshake and Julia Kingscote



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